A private cloud git repository, for free !

23 Jan 2014

So the scenario is this one

Well we can combine the power of Git and Dropbox !

How to do that ?

We need a bare repository so we can clone from and push there when we want. We want it in the cloud so it will be located into our Dropbox directory. I am going to take the example of a PhD paper.

git --bare init ~/Dropbox/cloud-git-repositories/my_phd_paper.git

Next we go to our local workspace and we clone

cd ~/work
git clone ~/Dropbox/cloud-git-repositories/my_phd_paper.git

Everytime we push upstream to the git remote Dropbox repository, we can see the logo of the synchronization being done in the taskbar.

Wait, there is more

If you want to collaborate, for example with a reviewer, you can decide to share your directory via Dropbox. The reviewer can then clone the repository on his own machine, and work like you with it.

Time to time a git fetch will warn you if modifications have been done.